Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) First Aid

This course looks at how to recognise and manage a casualty who has been exposed to hydrofluoric acid, we will take you through the physiological aspect of the burn as well as the effects of the burn on the skin and underlying issues. Learners will learn how to manage the effects of the burn and how to safely apply the C-gel antidote.

The course will look at case studies of individuals who have been exposed to the effects of HF acid and try and learn how we can reduce the risk of exposure to this unique acid, and the types of personal protective equipment that should be available to those working with HF.

This is a 3.5-hour course and essential for those working with HF we recommend that learners have a current in-date first aid qualification.

We recommend face-to-face training but if necessary this course can be delivered over Teams or Zoom contact us to find out more.