Catastrophic Bleed Control

This 3-hour course has been designed to give learners the skills and underpinning knowledge to be able to manage catastrophic bleeds. Based on up-to-date thinking and evidence from the Faculty of Pre-hospital Care, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.

This course is ideal for anyone working in height-risk or hostile environments such as security staff, tree surgeons (arborists), forestry workers, expedition leaders or anyone who wants to develop their first aid skills.

First aid trainers might find the course helpful in updating their knowledge base and adding training to their CPD portfolio:

Course syllabus:

Part 1:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Step wise approach to managing a catastrophic bleed CABCD.
  • The vascular system and blood volumes
  • Blood clotting process

Part 2:

  • Types of wounds and recognising a major bleed

Part 3:

  • Use of:
  1. Tourniquets
  2. Haemostatic dressing
  3. Wound packing
  4. Trauma dressings First aid kits including the new BS8599-1:2019 standard.